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Synchronized Online Crop Planning & Monitoring Tool


With the undying problem on under and oversupply of highland vegetables, arises the idea of creating this project to give a resolution to this issue.

Tiklis is a web-based agricultural monitoring tool that aids in the farmers’ crop planning and monitoring. It aims to provide farmers of Benguet and its nearby municipalities a tool to use so as to know what others are planting at a given time frame or in a particular season. This is to avoid overlapping of production that causes a very high supply, which in return makes prices of the vegetables to fall drastically giving farmers huge losses.

This system will help the farmers with their crop planning, to keep track of their production cycles and provide them with a detailed history of their farms’ activities. With the use of the system, farmers may now have a better knowledge of what to produce given information about other farmers crops. This information will be readily available on this website.

Prices of highland veggies may then be stabilized because the demand and supply for this commodity are near equilibrium –Minimizing the under and oversupply of vegetables.

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